IoT Security Threats: Know and Prepare for Thy Enemy

The Internet of Things (IoT) is widely regarded as the third and most significant wave of the Internet. It  promises some amazing advancements in literally every industry, from healthcare to energy, to smart cities and smart homes, that will impact us all in ways we have yet to imagine.

As I’ve discussed before, however, IoT also presents new challenges to cybersecurity and privacy. It isn’t a question of if there will be negative IoT impacts, but when, how severe and how pervasive will those negative impacts be.


It’s in that regard then that I share this article by Network World’s Colin Neagle.

5 IoT security preps

In his post earlier this week entitled, “5 ways to prepare for Internet of Things security threats,” Neagle recommends the following to prepare for the inevitable IoT cybersecurity challenges before us:

  • Don’t underestimate the security impact of the Internet of Things
  • IT and operations need to communicate when buying, deploying smart devices
  • Keep track of software updates for smart devices
  • Educate end users on the risks
  • Educate IT on the nuances of the IoT

All are helpful, but perhaps none more than the first. Understanding and comprehending what an organization is up against – and what is at risk – is the cornerstone to safely leveraging and operating in the IoT marketplace.

To be honest, it reminds me of something I learned in grade school: students don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. It will be the same with enterprise and IoT. Successful organizations will not only have the vision to leverage IoT solutions and drive profitability for themselves and their clients, but those organizations will also recognize IoT threats coming around the bend and will prepare ardently and diligently for them, in response.

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