Thread Protocol Aims to Address Interoperability Challenges of IoT

Key players in Internet of Things promote Thread protocol at Google campus

One of the main challenges confronting a future of a seamless, secure IoT is the likelihood that not every device will be able to talk to every other device. Think of this as VHS versus Beta – if your Nest thermostat won’t ‘talk’ to your Ford F-150, then your truck can’t tell your house that you’re almost home so the temp can be lowered! I know, that would be a disaster, right?

Ok, maybe not. But what if the medical device implanted in your mom’s abdomen that gives her life saving medicine doesn’t ‘talk’ to her cell phone or her doctor’s servers? Now that is a problem.

To ensure that devices will talk to one another and be interoperable, there are a number of movements occurring to standardize platforms or languages, if you will. One of these is Thread, the aim of which is to allow up to 250 devices to communicate and operate with one another, bringing Thread-enabled devices into one harmonious IoT environment.

Check out the attached article for more information, and stay tuned for more developments re: Thread and other movements to help enable IoT communication regardless of make or model.

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