The Internet of Everything (IoE) is Changing Education…For the Better?

“Educators need to embrace [the] ‘connected student…’ They need to leverage mobile phones to collect data to interpret students’ behaviors and habits, create personalized teaching plans and remove the need for examinations, replacing them with ongoing assessments…”

This is the vision of an Internet of Everything (IoE)-transformed education system, as set out in this interesting piece on ZDNet by Cisco’s Contributing Blogger on IoE (see below screen shot and link to full post).

You might or might not agree with this fascinating and provocative take on IoE and what education can or perhaps should be, but technology is clearly changing our traditional approach to educating our children. The idea here is that the Internet of Everything (IoE) – a future where every device is connected and can talk to other devices, enabling instant access to information and data and reliable unified communications – will evolve how we educate students towards an immersive, collaborative, interactive, real-time, hands-on type of learning designed to better connect the act and process of education to students’ application of knowledge in jobs and in life.

“Thanks to technology, education is evolving from a linear knowledge-transfer model, to a more collaborative, engaging process. Rather than a bottlenecked route for information to come from set textbooks, students are able to use the internet to discover their own sources of information to add to the overall learning process.

The push towards connected learning is designed to prepare children for their professional lives, which will demand an ever-increasing familiarity with, and proficiency in technology.”

This transformation is happening today in Australia, South Korea, the UK and in places closer to home like Cleveland, Ohio. So buckle up and get ready for more IoE driven change – the Internet of Everything is happening now in a community near you.

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